Monday, 25 April 2016

Voluntary Sector Community - OnLine Café

Looking to create an OnLine Café community iGO eBooks® where people can share relevant matters and issues revolving around the voluntary sector. Tell us what you would like to know rather that preempting.

Look towards a once a month connection where, yes, you can get a coffee, (or at least will be able to).  We will be discussing with certain brand named popular coffee high street shops where they might sponsor and provide discount vouchers so you can get your fix of a cappuccino, or even frappuccino!

Blogs at the end of the year will consider a prize of a iPad mini or something else so for those aged in the Voluntary Sector get the thinking cap on and start blogging so we have a broad exchange of ideas and thoughts to develop and benefit this embryo community to aid deliver even more effective services in the communities and causes in which we work.

Looking forward to feedback!!


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