Monday, 20 July 2015

Promoting e/i-print books - Book Cover Spine Design

From personal trial-and-error, and listening to others there is a mix-and-match experience of using such social media forms as FB to engage with readers. Simply resorting to making e/i-print books available cheaply is not the answer and certainly is not a sustainable viable way of income generating in any profitable way.

I do share the sentiment that the market has inevitably become oversaturated and looking at new (or maybe not so new) innovative ways of reaching out would be a good exercise – perhaps even a half, or day MeetUp revolving around this subject where it would be focused on not simply about ‘where else to market e/Books’ but a positive bring-and-share session where attendees would benefit from taking away nuggets of ideas to pursue.

I have spent a significant proportion of time over the past few months of exploring and researching this very topic and have come up with a host of new ideas to explore over the coming year. Part conclusion is that what might be a good outlet for some Authors may not be for others.

An element of consideration for using some selling outlets can be dictated by the market Authors want to reach and/or even their genre.

Moreover I have become conscious from even recent posts @ ALLi and other sites that this has become an important topic with even exploring questions around outlets such as eBay as a ‘possible’ source which perhaps is outstretching the idea when I believe there is more out there in the worldwide web alone that suggest prospects exists but it does mean a lot of work and would take time to develop and gain a reasonable return – so not quick fixes.

What would attract and make you pick up a particular book from a bookshelf?